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Do not use e-mail in cases, when it is necessary to transfer personal data, commercial information and other protected information!

Contacts for whistleblowers

Lieutenant Colonel

Rolands Moļņiks

Deputy Chief of General Inspectorate Unit



Trauksmes cēlēja ziņojuma veidlapa


Communication of the defense sector with the whistleblowers is the responsibility of the Audit and Inspection Department General Inspectorate Unit.

Whistleblower's reports are submitted in accordance with the Trauksmes celšanas likumu, additional information is available at the Valsts kancelejā.

In case of questions regarding the whistleblowing, please contact the Lieutenant Colonel Rolandu Moļņiku or whistleblowers’ contact point – the State Chancellery.

Personal data protection

Personal data processing controller is the State Centre for Defence Logistics and Procurement, reg. No. 40900035122, address: Biksēres iela 6, Riga, LV-1073, phone: 68202600, e-mail: pasts@valic.gov.lv.

In case of questions or uncertainties regarding the personal data processing, please contact the Centre data protection specialist by sending questions to the e-mail: datuaizsardziba@valic.gov.lv.


State Centre for Defence Logistics and Procurement

Registration No.: 40900035122

Address: Biksēres iela 6, Riga, LV-1073

Phone: 68202600

e-mail: pasts@valic.gov.lv

e-mail for invoices: rekini@valic.gov.lv

The Treasury

Code: TRELLV22

Account No.: LV22TREL210069500300B