38Register keeping

16Administrative Departament

18Financial management department

67Financial section

65Accounting section

17Logistics Planning Department

60Quality Control and Process Management Section

61Market Analysis and Supply Planning Section

33Procurement Support and Contracting Department

58Procurement and Contracting Management Section

59Technical Specification and Market Research Section

32Centralized Procurements Management Department

53Equipment and Provisions Procurements Section

54Armament Procurements Division

55Technical Resources Procurements Section

56Latgale Regional Procurement Section

34Legal Department

50Legal Support Section for Procurements

51Asset Management and Debt Recovery Unit

52Legal Support Section

37Data Management Department

48Military Technical Resources Catalog Development Section

49Military Technical Resources Research and Coding Section

35Warehouse Management Department

39Central Warehouse Section

66Dobele Regional Warehouse Section

40Riga Regional Warehouse Section

41Adazi Regional Warehouse Section

42Liepaja Regional Warehouse Section

43Lielvarde Regional Warehouse Section

44Kuldiga Regional Warehouse Section

45Luznava Regional Warehouse Section

46Aluksne Regional Warehouse Section

62Material technical Resources management department